Yanni is a Canadian Composer that specializes in creating storytelling music that has been used in many professional media productions. From electronic to orchestral Yanni has worked on scores in a multitude of styles and genres while keeping the identity every score distinct to that production. 

In 2017 Yanni was mentored by Alan Cross and then joined HAUS Music + Sound in 2018 to join their roster of Composers, and that’s when his career in composing for television started. 

Being challenged to work in many different styles of music for the various show’s Yanni grew as a well versed composer while maintaining his own compositional identity that includes memorable sound design and tone setting cues that tell a story. Later in 2018 after scoring the short film “One Step forward, Two Steps Back” Yanni began working with Bell Media in creating music for their programming; which includes content under CTV & TSN.