Yanni Caldas
Composer / Sound Designer / Audio Specialist

Unforgettable Sound.



Yanni Caldas is a Canadian Composer for Film, TV, and Video-Game. Over the years Yanni has developed a melodically memorable driven way of writing themes, cues, and atmospheres/textures. Past work of Yanni includes documentaries, T.V. (reality, drama, action, thriller, horror), music beds for broadcast media, short films, and music for trailers.

Audio Engineer

As an Audio Engineer, Yanni has worked on projects that range from corporate audio editing, audio restoration, audio mixing for picture, and audio engineering (recording, mixing, and mastering) for a wide range of media professionals. Yanni has studied at Metalworks Institute while receiving training from industry veterans, and has done certified training in programs such as ProTools and Wwise. Yanni has worked on formats that include Surround Sound, and Ambisonic Audio.


Film Director

"Really satisfied with the quality of Yanni's work composing the music for my short film. Great communication, deadlines met without any problems, talented composer."

Bell Media

"Great tracks. Thanks for the work."

Film Director

"I wish we met sooner! Amazing work."